Product Guide

Anti-Rust and Plastic Enamel


  • For exterior use.
  • For metal (iron, steel, cast iron, steel sheet, primed galvanized steel, etc.).
  • Use on: decorative ironwork, stairs, railings, fences, patio furniture, swing sets, roofing, metal trim on above-ground pools, gutters, machinery, doors, windows, wainscotting, tools, hydrants, signs, lampposts, structures, bridges, tank exteriors, farm equipment, etc.
  • Premixed colours can be used on boats and marine equipment (above the waterline).

Surface Preparation

  • Surface must be dry, clean, free from dust, oil, grease, wax, salt deposits, loose paint or all contaminants.
  • Roughen shiny surfaces.
  • Remove flaking paint and loose rust with a scraper or wire brush.
  • Use Corrostop Ultra metal cleaner and rust remover 635-104.
  • In case of extreme rust or on new surfaces, apply Rust Preventive Coating for additional protection.
  • For ferrous metal, use Corrostop Ultra Rust Preventive Coating 635-085.
  • For rusted galvanized metal, use Corrostop Ultra Rust Preventive Coating 635-060.
  • For rust-free galvanized metal, use Corrostop Ultra primer 635-045.


  • Ready to use
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be applied by brush, roller and also available in aerosol can
  • Do not thin

Drying Time

  • Let dry 16 hours between coats


  • 3.78 litres covers 40 to 48 m2 (430 to 520 sq. ft.)